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$ 140.00

All Inclusive Membership

The membership suscription offers you one month access to:

  • Technical Analysis
  • Trade Setups
  • Detailed Explanations
  • Signals
  • Discussion Channels
  • Direct Support
  • Coin Calls
  • Custom Indicator Set
  • Indicator Lessons & Manual

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This setup group provides you with estimates on entries, stop losses and take profit targets based on Technical Analysis. You are still responsible for your own trades, meaning you are responsible for taking profit when you see fit and for moving your stop loss when in profit. Therefore, all products and/or services offered on this website are subject to a NO REFUND POLICY. Refunds will not be issued to people who cancel their subscription prior to their expiration date.

The indicators are solely indicators, not recommendations on buying or selling. The videos are for educational purposes on how to use the indicators.

This setup group is not financial advice. It offers educational and informational resources and it’s purpose is purely educational and informational.  The group/I are/am not responsible for any gains or losses you might incur. The group/I are/am not recommending you to buy sell or hold any security or token.

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